Has Your Marketing Investment Met
Your Expectations?

Call us to find out IF you can generate more
cases from the calls you're already getting
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We Get It

We Get It

Is this you?

  • Lots of bills for advertising
  • Lots of traffic to your website
  • Lots of calls from prospective clients
  • Lots of callers who don't retain

Are you tired of this?

  • Some cases are being gained but not enough to justify the original and ongoing investment
  • Investing significantly in online marketing with no results
  • Not getting clients
  • Spending money on marketing to be happy, but questioning if you're really happy
  • Not having a strategic partner to proactively manage your marketing efforts
  • Taking bad cases!

Do you want more of this?

  • Twice as many really good cases
  • Stop taking bad cases!

Our Services

Our Services


  1. Someone with a legal problem calls your firm
  2. The caller will have a great first impression
  3. We listen to their story
  4. We gain agreement on the problem and the solution
  5. We set an appointment for consultation
  6. We deal with any objections that come up
  7. We connect the caller with you


  1. We make sure the caller actually meets with the lawyer
  2. The lawyer brings us up to date on what happened during the consultation
  3. A follow-up call confirming the attorney appointment
  4. A follow-up call after the consultation (increasing likelihood of retention)
  5. If no retainer, the receptionist stays in touch with the caller until their problem is solved
  • Every call will be answered by professionals and in a friendly manner by a real human being
  • Every caller will get the best possible first impression of your firm
  • Every consultation you get will be qualified and pre-sold on the value you offer

Our Promise

Our Promise

We Answer Every Call

We Establish Rapport with Every Caller

We Establish a Mutual Understanding of the Promise and Desired Outcome

We Stay in Touch

We Educate

It’s Time to Get More Cases From Your Internet Marketing

It's Time to Get More Cases
From Your Internet Marketing

Where Red Zone Legal Fits Into Your Firm's
Marketing Strategy

Our Proven Process

Our Proven Process

We answer every call with a conversation pre-approved by you.

We will focus on building value, answering any objections and winding up with a scheduled consultation in which the prospective client is pre-sold on the benefits of retaining your firm.

We'll share daily, weekly and monthly reports on progress, success and problems.

Client Results

Client Results

I’m a lawyer, not an IT professional. Several years ago I got fed up with constantly fielding phone calls and emails from people promising they could improve my “SEO”, or help me convert more leads, or get me “above the fold” on Google sear…
Darrell C. Harriman
I met Richard Rosen in February 2008. My practice was a typical small town legal practice. Wills, real estate, minor criminal infractions like traffic tickets. I was also Town judge in New Paltz New York… View the rest of Jon’s case study on the Clie…
Jon Katz

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