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Our Featured Case Study

I met Richard Rosen in February 2008. My practice was a typical small town legal practice. Wills, real estate, minor criminal infractions like traffic tickets. I was also Town judge in New Paltz New York. 

I think I had a sense of ambition, but I didn’t really see a path to a more satisfying and lucrative practice. 

I had a small website, but it didn’t make a real difference in my practice. 

Richard came in as my new sales rep for the website company. He suggested that the Internet might offer a much more strategic opportunity. He asked a lot of questions, most telling: What kind of law did I really want to practice? My reply: I wanted to focus on divorce and family law, stop doing a little bit of this and that. He came back with a proposal to spend a little more money, backing up the idea with data supporting his hypothesis. I decided to give it a shot. 

That was 11 years ago. My practice is now focused entirely on Divorce and family law. I also have associates maintaining a very lucrative traffic ticket practice. My revenue has grown from low 6 figures to close to 7 figures and still growing. 

How did this happen? What role did Richard play? 

1. The first website, focused on family law, was successful. Richard and I decided to take it to a higher level – more content, a set of videos explaining my approach to helping clients, and design elements aimed at making a prospective client feel like they may have found a lawyer that could solve their problems and inviting a call. I’ve been through multiple iterations of that website and that effort continues to drive my divorce practice. 

2. He’s not always successful. We tried a diversification into multiple other areas of practice. Did not bear fruit. Richard managed my relationship with his company, kept me from what would have been a crippling expense load, and somehow convinced his company to not only bring my expense back to a comfortable level but also to refund my entire diversification investment. 

3. Richard left that company and set up a consulting practice. He’s been a resource to me ever since. My marketing effort has expanded beyond just having a website. Richard continues to bring me new ideas to grow my practice. 

4. One of the most productive. He and I decided to experiment with helping drivers who had gotten traffic tickets. The website we built began to generate a significant flow of “leads”. A mixed blessing. I was spending much too much time talking to prospective clients; my receptionist went into overwhelm; and very few of those prospects became clients. I could easily have pulled the plug, and I would not have blamed Richard. He’d done what I asked him to do. 

5. I’m not going to share the details, but, with his help we managed to get me off the phone, channel the calls to a dedicated employee, develop a process to facilitate retention. The practice now represents 25% of my firm’s income with almost no effort on my part. 

6. Another issue: even though we were dealing with bringing many more clients into my caseload, my administrative capability had not kept pace. I did what I do: complained to Richard about the pain he’d inflicted on me. He investigated the market, found a case management solution which would enable my firm to keep up with the volume. He also implemented a system to manage the myriad steps involved in turning an initial inquiry into an open file, a process which often involves a decision by someone considering divorce taking weeks or months. 

7. Through it all, Richard has always stayed vigilant for problems and opportunities. I’ve spent a great deal of money on multiple vendors, most of whom are not organized to cause themselves problems by pointing out their missteps or outright failures. Richard analyzes the data, spots areas that needs improvement, works with or without the vendor to generate solutions, and then oversees the corrective effort. 

That’s my story and I’m sticking to it. I’ve insisted that Richard not share it with other competing attorneys in my geography. If you’re a divorce lawyer and/or have a traffic practice. And you’re practicing in the Hudson Valley. Please disregard. 

Otherwise, I highly recommend Richard Rosen to help you as he’s helped me. Good luck to you.

I met Richard Rosen in February 2008. My practice was a typical small town legal practice. Wills, real estate, minor criminal infractions like traffic tickets. I was also Town judge in New Paltz New York… View the rest of Jon’s case study on the Client Results page by clicking “Our Featured Case Study”.

Jon Katz

I’m a lawyer, not an IT professional. Several years ago I got fed up with constantly fielding phone calls and emails from people promising they could improve my “SEO”, or help me convert more leads, or get me “above the fold” on Google searches. I had no way of sorting out who was genuine and who was leading me on, and decided the best way of handling online advertising was hiring someone from that world to handle dealings with that world.
I retained Richard Rosen, and have never regretted my decision. For years he has been my single point of contact for all my online advertising. I let him deal with the vendors, and let him organize all aspects of my online advertising. He always communicates with me in a timely fashion, explains my options clearly and completely, listens to my concerns, and works aggressively to implement what we decide on. His fee is more than paid for by the billable hours I don’t have to spend personally dealing with the myriad of self-proclaimed advertising gurus. More importantly, under his guidance, the flow of business generated by my website has experienced steady growth.
And on top of all this, Richard is just an all-around great person to interact with. I couldn’t be happier with my decision.

Darrell C. Harriman