Our Services

Identifying—and Executing—a Marketing Strategy That Works

To understand Red Zone Legal’s services, we must explain why we chose that as our firm’s name. Football fans (of which there are at least 100 million in the country, according to recent Super Bowl ratings) understand that success in the red zone separates the good teams from the bad. The red zones are the areas of the football field within 20 yards of the end zones (scoring areas). If teams can’t punch the ball in the end zone, then all the work getting to the red zone turns out to be useless. 

In the world of legal marketing, the red zone is analogous to the following situation: 

  • A client calls your firm for more information after seeing an advertisement for your firm or finding your website. The client believes that your firm can help with their problem. You’ve got a bona fide lead! Now, what procedures do you have in place to seal the deal and convert this lead into a cooperative, good-paying client?

Too often, solo and smaller law firms spend a small fortune on marketing services that don’t actually result in more money for the lawyers. Does this sound like you? You have huge bills for advertising, SEO, and other marketing strategies and tactics—and for what? Tons of phone calls that are a time-suck on your already precious time. 

There’s a better way, and we can execute it for you. 

Our Phone Conversations are Second to None

Red Zone Legal was a pioneer of the “professional consultative intake” call. This is the specialized, in-depth, personalized, and personable conversation our team has with any lead who calls your office. Our team members are trained in the optimal ways of speaking to leads. We don’t rush them, make them feel like they’re being sold to, or cut them off while they’re speaking. 

The Anatomy of a Great Call with Red Zone Legal:

  • Someone with a legal problem calls your firm looking for solutions. 
  • The caller speaks to our professional intake specialists and receives a great first impression. 
  • Our team really listens and embodies empathy with the lead. 
  • Our callers handle objections from the lead.
  • We agree on the problem and solution. 
  • Our team sets up an appointment for the lead. 
  • Red Zone Legal connects you with the lead. 

The typical outcome of our consultative intake is quality leads who are sold on your firm’s process and overall value. Our team handles everything from striking a good first impression with your leads to setting them up with an appointment and following up to ensure their problem is solved.

Knowing What You Need to Know

A big frustration attorneys have with marketing companies is the feeling of throwing away money with no results. What’s more, many of these marketing companies are giving attorneys cherry-picked data or telling them everything is working as they’re intended.

One thing that separates us from the other guys is our willingness to explain our process, show you the results, and be honest if we need to tweak our strategy. We are always willing to test processes and call scripts. After all, nothing actually happens until somebody sells something. Everything else is just noise. Scoring once you get a lead in the red zone is what we’re all about.

We’re ready to work with you and find out to get the highest ROI possible out of your marketing expenses. Contact us today.