Our Story

Our Origin Story and Purpose For Your Firm

More than a decade ago—after years of experience working as a sales representative at various technology and marketing companies—Richard Rosen gained a full understanding of the deficiencies inherent in many legal marketing strategies. Besides not delivering results, these companies train their salespeople to lie and present cherry-picked data in order to close deals.  (Don’t want to call anyone liars)

The decision-makers for solo practitioners (and smaller firms) feel like they don’t have the information to make an informed decision on marketing. As a result, individuals at law firms (understandably) feel pressured to simply throw money at the problem. Who gets those marketing dollars? Companies who price gouge and convince decision makers that higher prices=better results.

Red Zone Legal is a breath of fresh air from these marketers who simply don’t listen to their clients. Empathy is a guiding principle of ours. We understand exactly what it’s like to survive as a small business. Above all, you deserve to have the highest ROI possible for your marketing expenses.

Our Process

What does Red Zone Legal do for our clients? Essentially, our process is as follows:

  1. We have a conversation to discuss whether or not you would be a good candidate for a free analysis. We’ll determine how much time it will take to figure out what you need and whether or not you have the time to execute the plan. 
  2. Once we have decided on a plan, we’ll make an outline and identify key milestones for the process.  
  3. We will go over the programs that are crucial for the plan’s success. This will include looking at Google Analytics, Adwords, CallRail, case management, etc.
  4. Our process includes a phone conversation to review reports (we provide professional consultative intake as a solution).
  5. Ultimately, we decide whether or not to partner together for an agreed-upon cost and time frame.
  6. The final step is implementation!

If you need a well-structured website that grabs a visitor’s attention, we will work to find you a vendor that can deliver. If your website needs traffic, we will identify the ways to direct people to your virtual lobby. If visitors to your website aren’t calling, we will find out why and correct the problem. If your firm is getting calls but no cases, Red Zone Legal has developed a premier call-answering service that will deliver more (and better) appointments for you and your team.

No matter which step is missing in your current marketing plan, Red Zone Legal finds these gaps and acts quickly to fill them.  We’ll also give you the information you need to track our progress.

 Your free analysis from Red Zone Legal is waiting. Isn’t it time your legal marketing actually increases profits?